What is STEM

Can you imagine a world without the automobile, the telephone or the computer?

Innovation is impossible without the ability to dream and discover. The binary options broker inventors of tomorrow are today's dreamers. Columbus Public Schools STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Academy wants to help them branch out and grow roots in their career. STEM fosters creativity and innovative thinking and teaches students option trading singapore to become problem-solvers.






Building the Future

STEM education prepares students to become the next innovators, doers and inspiring minds binary option trading platform of the future. STEM Academy graduates will have a better ability to assess problems, employ STEM concepts and apply creative solutions in their daily lives.

STEM Benefits

Local Business and Community

The STEM Academy will affect the future by meeting the needs and wants of industry. Columbus has the distinction of being the birthplace of public power and the first designated industrial site in the United States. Carrying on that proud heritage, STEM Academy will provide a wealth of trained technicians for those industries in Columbus requiring skilled workers. STEM Academy will inspire students to grow roots where they are planted, by obtaining jobs in the community and stimulating local economy.

Students and Parents

Families will prosper much like a growing garden of infinite possibilities. Students will discover new realms of learning and infinitely grow through inquiry and investigation. By studying their natural world through science and creating solutions to problems using technology, STEM students will change the world. They will use the language of numbers, shapes and quantities in math to solve problems and use the design process to find solutions in engineering. Parents will see their children thrive and grow in their chosen profession.

Implemented in Columbus Public Schools

STEM education will be integrated throughout the school with an emphasis on a team approach where math and science come alive due to the technology and engineering principles being used. STEM Academy will build learning connections among subjects with a focus on problem-solving, innovative thinking, communications, productive teamwork, generating multiple ideas and decision-making.

Careers in STEM

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How is STEM different?

STEM emphasizes the engineering design process and the scientific method. In a traditional setting, subjects are treated as separate entities, but with STEM the subjects connect across disciplines. STEM branches out and connects education with businesses and community through internships. Overall, STEM connects classroom learning to the outside world.

What are some basic steps parents can take to help their children explore STEM education?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration provides the following information on encouraging your child’s interest in STEM:

  • Exhibit attitudes and values that support learning. Avoid negative statements such as "I was never good at math." Be positive and expect your child to be successful.
  • Help your child see how they encounter STEM in their everyday life. Whether it is in the sports section of the newspaper reviewing team statistics, cooking with your child, or working on household repairs, point out how STEM is being used.
  • Encourage students to ask questions and explore careers early. What subjects should they be taking in school to prepare for a STEM career?
  • Get familiar with the national and state standards in science, mathematics and technology.
  • Involvement in 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorer Clubs help develop an interest in STEM fields.
  • Visit museums, science centers, planetariums, zoos, aquariums and nature parks.